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(Big Barda And Mr. Miracle by Miracole Burns and Chris Burns, Photography by The Portrait Dude)

Many thanks to our friends over at Comics-X-Aminer for including a shot of my good friends Chris and Miracole Burns as Mr. Miracole and Big Barda. We took this at Cincinnati Comics Expo in 2018 and it was SO HOT for them in their outfits. They are always true professionals and suffered through the heat, we got the shots and went out for some awesome dinner and hang out time afterward.

If you’d like to see more from this shoot check the green button below! Unfortunately this shoot was done pretty quick so I didn’t have time to set up my behind the scenes camera to record it like I normally do now.

Not shown, but just as important to the shoot was also the amaaaaaazing Roman (The Roaming Roman) in his GrandMaster cosplay that was spot on in so many ways. Check the link below to see his Facebook page, show him some love too and tell him The Portrait Dude sent you 🙂