I got to have some of my dudes from The Critshow podcast stop by the studio to do some promo shots for the upcoming shows. I have been friends with them for years and am so excited to see where this path goes for them 🙂 Check them out below!!

Podcast: https://thecritshowpodcast.com/
The CritShow Merch: http://thecritshow.stylishsenpai.com/

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Check out some of the latest episodes below:

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  • The Deathless (S2, E47) May 20, 2020
    Our heroes are poised and ready to deal with one of their strongest foes.  Jake loses something important.  Tass goes hunting in the blizzard.  TJ uses his iconic weapon for an unexpected purpose.  As the god of death grows closer, and nature itself rails against them, the boys must act quickly.  If they aren’t at […]
    The Critshow Podcast
  • The Soul Crystal Crisis (S2, E46) May 13, 2020
    Our heroes return from the cracked mirror version of their world.  Tass has a vision that gives him a difficult choice to make.  Jake presents the team with a possible deal from Rev’s captor.  TJ thinks he can build what they need for a dangerous plan.  As the boys attempt to keep their promise to […]
    The Critshow Podcast
  • Siege of the Halifax Theatre (S2, E45) May 6, 2020
    Our heroes are faced with the soul bat forces as they make their final strike on The Halifax.  Jake attempts to keep the Alpha occupied.  Tass tries a bluff, to play both sides.  TJ directs their meager team from the center of his magic ritual.  With the building falling apart around them, they use every […]
    The Critshow Podcast