I got to have some of my dudes from The Critshow podcast stop by the studio to do some promo shots for the upcoming shows. I have been friends with them for years and am so excited to see where this path goes for them 🙂 Check them out below!!

Podcast: https://thecritshowpodcast.com/
The CritShow Merch: http://thecritshow.stylishsenpai.com/

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Check out some of the latest episodes below:

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  • The Wrigley Casino, Part 2 (S4, E12) October 20, 2021
    Our heroes are split up as they get into position for their heist. Jake sets up an ambush. Megan saves a teammate from enemy clutches. Kim uses a powerful new ability. Tass shows off his precision driving skills. With their prize under fire and their friend locked behind enemy lines, they have to move swiftly or risk losing it all. […]
    Critshow Studios
  • The Wrigley Casino, Part 1 (S4, E11) October 13, 2021
    After scoping out their next heist, our heroes spring into action to collect their next artifact and rescue a friend. Kim chances trusting someone with a secret. Jake makes a magical connection between the group. Tass gets word about a monstrous fight club. Megan tests her B&E skills. If they each complete their portion of the plan correctly, they could […]
    Critshow Studios
  • The Critshow Live: GenCon 2021 October 8, 2021
    The Crew of the Wandering Star go on holiday during our GenCon 2021 live show! ------  You can support The Critshow through our Patreon to get more weekly TTRPG Actual Play content, access to our discord community, and much more! Follow The Critshow on twitter, join our subreddit, and follow us on Instagram.  Get a […]
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