I got to have some of my dudes from The Critshow podcast stop by the studio to do some promo shots for the upcoming shows. I have been friends with them for years and am so excited to see where this path goes for them 🙂 Check them out below!!

Podcast: https://thecritshowpodcast.com/
The CritShow Merch: http://thecritshow.stylishsenpai.com/

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Check out some of the latest episodes below:

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  • Prisoner Transfer (S3, E6) August 5, 2020
    Our heroes stumble upon an unlikely ally in future-L.A.  Tass meets up with some familiar faces.  Jake puts his research skills to the test.  The boys have an offer of help, but they have to prove themselves first.  If they can free a mysterious figure from a Codex Artillery cell, then they may have all […]
    The Critshow Podcast
  • Following the Comet (S3, E5) July 29, 2020
    Our heroes find themselves in a strange new world, but this time, they came prepared.  Jake decides on a plan to stay under the radar.  Tass gets practice with his new breaking-and-entering skills.  Their heads are packed full of memories on how to traverse this advanced version of Earth, but with those memories come the […]
    The Critshow Podcast
  • City of Neon Lights (S3, E4) July 22, 2020
    Our heroes prepare for the next leg of their journey.  Jake learns his limits in the arena.  Tass helps set up for another portal jump.  Armed with some gifts from TJ and Baba Yaga’s visions into another world, the boys decide it is time to move towards Nash’s assets.   ------   You can support […]
    The Critshow Podcast