Jester Cosplay by Okenshield Cosplay at C2E2 2020
Jester Cosplay by Okenshield Cosplay at C2E2 2020

I am a MASSIVE Critical Role fan. (Like I have an addiction folks, I will admit it). That being said, when my friend Tiffany of Okenshield Cosplay (social links below!) contacted me to book a session for her Jester at C2E2 I may or may not have squealed a little (I neither admit nor deny nothing lol). Jester (voiced by the ever awesome Laura Bailey) is a super fun character who has a lot of little things that she is always messing with, so when she came fully loaded with all the donuts and lollipop and cupcake props I was so excited to get to work and had a lot of shots come to mind.

My sessions at conventions are typically twenty minutes(ish) long, but I always take a few minutes at the start to ask why the cosplayer chose this particular character, how they identify with them and what characteristics they like most so I can really tailor the shoot to not only the character but how THEY see the character in themselves. If you work with cosplayers I highly recommend planning this time into your shoots because the results when you are both on the same page really makes the difference and helps the cosplayer to feel like they are helping direct the shoot instead of just show up and pose (snap snap snap) peace out.

Our mutual friend Natalie (Shiieldmaiden Cosplay) had coordinated with us to also shoot her Yasha (also from Critical Role and voiced by Ashley Johnson) back to back with her session, so we were able to get some really fun duo shots and they both assisted for the other’s session (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!). This made for an awesome session and we all had a blast, which is good because this was the last convention for me right before the Coronavirus thing broke loose in the US. I am incredibly thankful for my friends who bring me such amazing things to work with and I can’t wait until we are all able to start going to conventions together again.

Check below for some behind the scenes pics during the session, EXIF data from some of the shots, and link to the wrap up video I did that covers everything. Thank you all so so much for letting me be a part of your hard work and always know that I love the art we create together πŸ™‚
– The Portrait Dude

Okenshield Before/EXIF/After

Behind the scene pics of the shoot

EXIF Data for some of the final images

Taken at C2E2 2020 in Cosplay Central