Gallery F.A.Q.

One of the things that I include with all of my booked sessions is a customized gallery for your images. That’s great and all, but what does that mean and what does it include? I’m so glad you asked :).  Here I will break down all of the features that you get and try to answer most of the questions you have.

What is a custom gallery and why should I want one?

When I first started shooting cosplay back in 2013 I kept hearing a lot of the same problems being brought up over and over so I decided to start making a way to address the concerns of the people I shoot with and get their stuff delivered in a way that is smooth for everyone involved. Below is a list of features for your gallery, click on any title to get further information.

The Problem: One of the biggest things I wanted to address is keeping track of a different link every time you shoot with your photographer. Dropbox or Google Drive links that may or may not be there later when you need access get the job done.

The Solution: I wanted each person that shoots with me to have ONE PLACE where they can go and find all of the images we take together. Everyone gets a gallery with their cosplay name, then each session we do will be added as a subgallery so all of your choices will be together.


The Problem: One of the biggest issues I heard is they would get a Dropbox link from their photographer, download the images and then months later they would have something happen so they would need access to them again. If they had to clean up their Dropbox for space, they may not be available so you would need to contact the photographer, they may or may not be available when you need the images, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill.

Solution: All of the custom galleries that I include are available to you 24/7 on desktop and mobile devices. (This is super handy if you’re on the road and need to post something!)

The Problem: “I booked a shoot, loved the images, shared the web resolution images and had a great response from my fans! When I asked to get the print resolution images it would cost me X amount additional and I can’t afford that.”

The Solution: All booked sessions include both watermarked web resolution to share on social media and unwatermarked full resolution files to make prints. Both of these are available at any time to you in your gallery.

The Problem: You post an amazing picture of your latest shoot and you have a great response where people are asking where they can buy a print. That’s awesome right? Kind of…Selling prints can be tricky to start. You have to get the print rez files from your photographer, find a place to purchase the prints from, come up with the money to make your initial order, once you get the images set up an online store, spread the word about it and HOPE that you can make some sales to recoup some of your cost and time. After that you have to make time to send out your orders and pay postage. It can be a lot to handle, especially your first time.

The Solution: I have went through setting up each gallery so it can be a fully functional online print store (if you want) at no extra charge to you. I handle all of the web hosting, process fees, print fees and shipping fees for any prints sold through your gallery. I will run a report at the first of each month and send a payment to you for your commission.

This is a great solution for people who want to try providing prints, but don’t want to have to put all the work and money into it on the chance they may sell something. This can also be a great way for people who already sell prints to make additional income on the rest of their gallery instead of the one image they typically choose for their prints.