I am having an absolute BLAST at Holiday Matsuri (HolMat) this year in Orlando, Florida. This Holiday themed convention has been on my list to attend for a while and thanks to some amazing friends (Love you Nara and Jess!!) I was able to make it this year. They are a lot more chill for photographers than other cons (Yes Katsucon I am looking at you…) so it is a great opportunity to work with some folks who are outside of my normal area. Below are some samples from Day 1 as well as information on my Turbo Shoots for Day 2 (Saturday).


$ 15
  • No money to shoot - I set up and shoot anybody for free during the specified times.
  • Only pay for images you like and want to use.
  • Web Resolution, Full Resolution files included.
  • PRINT RELEASE INCLUDED for all purchased images.
  • Images delivered (and backed up) through my custom gallery system.

Holiday Matsuri 2018 Times: Location: Setup in lobby just to the left of the registration line area. (Left of the AFO Table)​

Day 1 HolMat 2018 samples below >>>>

Turbo Shoots are an alternative I started doing after talking with my good friend Focsee and seeing a need in the community for something in addition to the standard “booked shoots”. (I do that too, but this covers all the bases and gives cosplayers who may be able to afford or have time for a full shoot an opportunity). The biggest difference between a Turbo Shoot and regular shoot is I set up for a specific amount of time and shoot whoever walks up – no payment to shoot. I post a proof gallery after the convention aand if you like the images you are able to purchase the editing and print release directly from my web site. 
– Each person will get between 2-4 rapid fire pictures taken (depending on line size and availability). Two minute per person TOPS.
– Once you are done you can write your email down so I can send you the proof gallery link.
– When you receive the email invite to the gallery you will be able to check out the image.  

If you like it you will have the option to purchase the image. If you don’t then you are not obligated to purchase them in any way. (This is a great way to try me out as a new photographer for you, or to get cool shots of multiple other outfits.)

Contact Form below to receive your proof gallery link >>>

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