Selecting Your Images

Once your shoot is complete, you will receive an email that will provide the link to your gallery within one week after the shoot/convention ends. Each email will contain the following: – Link to your gallery – Number of images that your package includes (for booked shoots) – Instructions to purchase ALL of your images that turned out (in case you just can’t narrow your favorites down). – Link to leave a review on my Facebook page about your shoot. – Link to instructions on how to select your images (probably how you got to this page). STEP 1: Click the main gallery link in your email (The one below “Click the link below to check it out:”

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you CAN make your selections on mobile, desktop is the preferred method and what these instructions are written for. I plan on doing instructions for mobile, but sometimes they can change based on the type of phone and the OS.

STEP 2: Once you load the gallery, click the “Select Photos” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will turn on the Selection mode where you can pick the number of images that go with your package. 
** There is another method to add any additional images that you want to your package from the proof gallery so please ONLY enter in the number in the email (instructions on how to purchase additional proofs can be found at the end of this page).


STEP 3: Select the number of images specified in your email.

STEP 4: New users will need to Set up  an account to save and submit your favorites. Click Continue to do this.

STEP 5a: New users will need to go through the “Create an Account” side of the page. Fill in your name, email, password (and confirm password) then select that you have read and agree to the terms and click Register to set up your account.

STEP 5b: Existing users can put in their email and password to log in to proceed.
STEP 6: Make sure the “Create a new set of favorites” is selected and use the “Favorites set name” field to name the favorites so I can easily find it and make sure it gets put in the proper place in my queue.

A good format to use would be: (Your Cosplay Name)-(Your Character Name)-(Fandom)-(Convention)

EXAMPLE:  “The Portrait Dude-Winter Soldier-Marvel Comics-Colossalcon 2019” would be extremely helpful identify everything I need to get put in the work queue properly. (I recommend copy and pasting this for later)

The following steps are VERY IMPORTANT to getting your pictures submitted to my work queue properly.
Favorite sets are not entered in my queue until they are submitted.

STEP 7: Once you have all of your favorites selected, you need to click “Share Favorites” button in the upper right hand corner.
STEP 8: Almost done! Your title set should have transferred over and here you can add any custom message or editing notes in the message field. If you have specific notes please include specific image numbers so I can be sure to get the right edits to the right images.

After you are done click the Share button and you are done!

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STEP A1: In case you want to add extra pics to your session (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? You all look AMAZING! lol) it’s pretty easy to add extra images from your session. 

From your proof gallery, click the image you want to add. This will bring you to a screen with the selected image in the center and purchase options on the right hand side of the screen (screenshot on left). 

To order an extra image click the “FULL REZ File / Print Release (+Gallery)” option. (for more information on how I deliver images and what features you get through my gallery system click here). This will add it to your shopping cart.

STEP A2: You can click the “VIEW CART” popup or also click the shopping cart icon to check out your shopping cart at any time.

STEP A3: Once the shopping cart loads you can check to make sure everything looks correct.

If you need to remove an image you can click the X icon to the right of the price.

If no adjustments are needed you can click the “Proceed to Checkout” button in the lower right.

TPD - Shopping Cart Checkout

STEP A4: At the next screen registered users can log in (option 2 in screenshot) or if you’re a new user you can Register and checkout (option 1 in screenshot. If you register a new account you must make sure to click the “I have read the terms” check box)

STEP A5: Double check your information and click “Continue Checkout” to proceed.

STEP A6: This is the final page to confirm information before you proceed to Pay Now. If you have a coupon, make sure you enter it on this screen (green box area)and click the Apply button so your total updates. Next click the “Pay Now” button to enter in your payment info and it will open up a Paypal screen to process either your Paypal payment or credit card payment.

That’s it! Once you get started it’s not bad at all and pretty much keeps you on track. As long as you’re watching for the coupon code area then you’re good to go!

If you’re curious where to get coupon codes I send them out each month on my Patreon (yep even the $1 tier!) and occasionally I post coupons and special deals through my Facebook Group “The Dudist Colony” (because I’m all about bad puns lol).  Click the images below to check each option out.

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