Katsucon 2019 Bookings


Convention shoots are done (oddly enough) at the convention 🙂 I typically find an area to set up and do twenty minute sessions for each booking. Packages are determined by how many images you want included and all packages include the following:

Convention Shoots

Packages starting at
$ 39
down payment to book
(Prices below include booking fee)
  • Package One (4 images) - $79 total
  • Package Two (6 images) - $98 total
  • Package Three (8 images) - $116 total
  • DUO Package (10 images total) - $130 total

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"But I'm just a poor (fill in the blank) and don't have much money. Anything for me?" -Yup 🙂 My Turbo Shoots are a great option for you.

WTF is a Turbo Shoot? Each con I set aside certain times where I set up and will shoot anyone who walks up at no charge. You get 2-4 shots taken (two minutes TOPS per person depending on how big of a line is waiting). You get a link to register at so when I have the proof gallery up later that week you will receive an email. 

You check out the proof gallery and if you like the picture of you then you can purchase them ala cart. Your order gets put in my work queue (which you can check at anytime through my website) and when it’s done you will receive the following
(Click to see sample Turbo Shoot proof gallery):

Top reasons why you should check out a Turbo Shoot

Q: When and where are your Turbo shoots?
A: I send out blasts through my Dudebot and my social media the morning of (or the evening before) the shoot letting you know when and where to meet. (Click for my Dudebot and follow the directions)

Q: Do you always do Turbo Shoots? Do you do them every day of a con?
A: Unfortunately no. I do Turbos to fill in space in my schedule once I know how my booked sessions look. If my booked sessions are full or if I have other plans then I may only do them one day, or not at all. That’s kind of the trade off to only using the Turbos is I won’t know when and if I will be doing them until the day before. Also I typically travel home on Sundays so I don’t shoot then.

Samples from booked sessions, on site sessions and Turbo Shoots below >>>

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To book your session, click the calendar icon, pick your date, then select a time for your shoot and follow the instructions.

That's it! Thank you SO MUCH for your interest and I look forward to shooting with you!