Ohayocon Weekend


Convention shoots are done (oddly enough) at the convention 🙂 I typically find an area to set up and do twenty minute sessions for each booking. Packages are determined by how many images you want included and all packages include the following:

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Convention Shoots

Packages starting at
$ 39
down to book
(Prices below include booking fee)
  • Package One (4 images) - $79 total
  • Package Two (6 images) - $98 total
  • Package Three (8 images) - $116 total
  • DUO Package (10 images total) - $130 total

Studio Sessions are a five minute drive (or Uber) from the convention center and are booked at night after the convention. Studio shoots off a much more controlled environment for lighting as well as a fog machine and other effects. Session times also start at one hour instead of the twenty minute sessions I do at conventions.

To book your session, click the calendar icon, pick your date, then select a time for your shoot and follow the instructions.